Charlotte R., Albuquerque, NM





Joseph k., Glendale, AZ  

I was in Scottsdale on business and had heard Kim's name thrown around many times. I was referred to her from a friend who said I had to have a private sound session. I must say, it was way beyond what I could've ever imagined. The feelings that I felt, the peace and calm I felt...I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I look forward to coming back and I will make it a point to have a session with her anytime I am in town.

I met Kim at a cancer center while I was going through treatment. I have struggled with digestive disorders for many years, due to the many medications I was prescribed. After one session with Kim, I knew something had shifted. I started seeing her every couple of weeks. Her sound sessions completely changed my life. I feel I have hope, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy and the passion you put into what you do.

Lucille F., Paradise ValleY, AZ



Paula, Gilbert, AZ

I have struggled with depression for years. A friend of mine brought me along to a sound event that Kim was doing. Later that evening, I felt lighter, I felt a release that I hadn't felt in years. I felt like I went within, like I never have. It was a beautiful experience, I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you!!!!!

I have practiced meditation for 25 years, and it wasn't until I took a class of Kims (Yoga Nidra + Sound) that completely opened my eyes to be open to other modalities. Her bowls are mesmerizing and like nothing I have ever experienced.

Vanessa C., Los Angeles, CA



Barbara, carefree, AZ




Stephanie r., scottsdale, az

I have had anxiety for many years. Sometimes it has even left me home bound. After my first session with Kim, I felt joy and I noticed that the anxiety dissipated. You wouldn't think these bowls would do such a thing, but it truly does!! I had to have my own set of bowls and Kim helped me with everything, even to the beautiful silks they rest on. I play them everyday and it has genuinely changed my life. I cannot say it enough.

I met Kim in one of her Yoga Nidra & Sound classes. I had such a profound experience in that one class, I wanted to have something more. Kim had mentioned she did private sessions. I now have a session with her at LEAST once a week, if not every two weeks. It's changed my life, my mobility, my thinking and sleeping patterns... it's hard to explain because it's like nothing I've ever experienced, just try it.

I wandered into one of Kim's classes at the Village in Scottsdale just out of curiosity, not knowing that that would be something that would change my life. I'm only 19 and deal with a lot of anxiety, stress and sadness..but these bowls are something else. Not only that, but Kim is a very approachable soul. She took time to sit with me after class and listen to my experience. Now myself and my mother see her privately and its absolutely incredible.